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Mar 29, 2009 - 1 minute read - Comments

Build deb packcage for nginx with wsgi support under debian lenny(5.0)

I am not familiar with debian's deb package build system, so I go through the process of building deb package from source at first.
  1. Install packages needed for building nginx
    sudo apt-get build-dep nginx
    sudo apt-get install fakeroot
  2. Get source code package:
    mkdir $HOME/build/nginx -p
    cd $HOME/build/nginx
    apt-get source nginx
  3. Build it to generate deb package
    cd nginx-0.6.32
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
    Everything goes well, a deb package is generated under $HOME/build/nginx.
Then I continue to build nginx with wsgi support
  1. Checkout latest code of ( mod_wsgi for nginx)
    cd $HOME/build/nginx
    hg clone http://hg.mperillo.ath.cx/nginx/mod_wsgi/
  2. Edit $HOME/build/nginx/nginx-0.6.32/debian/rules, add additional options to the configure clause:
    --add-module=${HOME}/build/nginx/mod_wsgi --with-debug
  3. Edit $HOME/build/nginx/nginx-0.6.32/debian/conf/nginx.conf, add these two lines to "http" section:
    include             /etc/nginx/wsgi_vars;
    wsgi_temp_path      /var/tmp/nginx_wsgi_temp;
  4. Copy file wsgi_vars from wsgi's conf directory to nginx's
    cp $HOME/build/nginx/mod_wsgi/conf/wsgi_vars \
  5. Edit $HOME/build/nginx/nginx-0.6.32/auto/install, and thses lines to it
    test -f '\$(DESTDIR)$NGX_CONF_PATH' \
            || cp conf/wsgi_vars '\$(DESTDIR)$NGX_CONF_PREFIX'
    cp conf/wsgi_vars '\$(DESTDIR)$NGX_CONF_PREFIX/wsgi_vars.default'
  6. Everything is ready now, compile nginx and generate deb package as before
    cd nginx-0.6.32
    dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
    Install the generated deb package with dpkg, it works.
The deb package I built can be downloaded from here.